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FANNY-"I'M SATISFIED" (1973) HD Mp4 3GP FANNY-"I'M SATISFIED" (1973)  Video and MP3 FANNY-"I'M SATISFIED" (1973) 3GP Video
File Name : FANNY-"I'M SATISFIED" (1973)
Published: 2 Mar 2007
Duration: 3.09 Sec
Channel: funknroll
Uploaded HD
Views: 30.495
Likes: 134
Dislikes: 3

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More funky Rock from Fanny!

"When the band started playing, (I was) saying to myself,Who is that great slide player? I looked up and it was June Millington." -Jeff "Skunk" Baxter

"It was so great having a real rock band full of smart, tough, and talented women -who could really play- to hang with!" -Bonnie Raitt

Here's our early 70's pioneers, tearing it up with another funky rocker. Fanny paved the way for all female rockers to come. The Millington sisters were also Filipina-Americans, and advocates of fluid relationships, making them further ahead of the curve. But beyond those important distinctions there is the truest issue; these were four very talented and formidable musicians. Eclectic songwriting, great chorals, rollicking keys, pounding rhythm section, and blistering slide. Fanny rocks!

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(All rights reserved. Fan-made video for promotion of the artist.)
Tym Stevens