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There's No Tomorrow (limits to growth & the future)
There's No Tomorrow (limits to growth & the future) HD Mp4 3GP There's No Tomorrow (limits to growth & the future)  Video and MP3 There's No Tomorrow (limits to growth & the future) 3GP Video
File Name : There's No Tomorrow (limits to growth & the future)
Published: 11 Feb 2012
Duration: 34.52 Sec
Channel: incubatepictures
Uploaded HD
Views: 930.610
Likes: 3908
Dislikes: 162 (my animation channel)
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17:18 GROWTH
22:19 FOOD

TNT is a quick journey through oil formation, peak oil, energy, economic growth, and resource depletion. The most important sequence is 17:18, which deals with GROWTH.

FOR STAT PEDANTS: The movie was finished in 2011, released in 2012. Many stats are out of date (OF COURSE), e.g. the 'world solar = 2 coal power plants". And the movie was finished before the fracking bubble took off (it was in fairly early stages as I finished the film). Fracking has of course changed many things, but not the fundamental message of the film = that you cannot grow infinitely on a finite planet. For those who can't grasp this simple fact, skip to 17:18, or watch the stand-alone movie 'To Boldly Grow':

When and if the fracking bubble pops, it will be interesting to see what effects will occur. It seems to have more of the characteristics of a real estate bubble than a shiny new energy source. Time will tell of course.

I'd like to point out that this movie has taken on a life of its own among the 2030 near-term human extinction movement - some of whom have reposted the movie on their own channels, creating the impression that I endorse them. I DO NOT.

I have no connection with the 2030 NTE people, and utterly disagree with their worldview. Had I thought the human species to be heading for extinction by 2030 I wouldn't have spent 7 years working on this film, from which I haven't received a penny. The decline of industrial society and our civilisation is more likely to be a long and shuttered fall, punctuated by periods of apparent recovery (John Michael Greer's 'Catabolic Collapse') not a Big Bang.

US conventional oil production peaked in 1970, the fracking boom notwithstanding. 50 years later, we're still here. The domination of the 'fast-crash' narrative in the peak oil / environmental scenes has done immense damage. Yes, changes can happen quickly, but for the most part, events unfold over decades or longer. Tying a movement (peak oil, environmental activism, etc) to THE EVENT is a recipe for millenarian disappointment.

"Everything takes longer than you think, even when you factor in the fact that you know that everything takes longer than you think".

I work on occasional, big projects that come out every few years - they won't come out often, but when they do, you may not want to miss them. So subscribe. My animation channel is updated much more frequently with drawing videos, animation, etc.

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